IIEE and PSME Abu Dhabi chapters sign agreement to strengthen collaborative programs

Press Release 25 March 2023

By Staff Writer/Laliebeth

 United Arab Emirates – Two major accredited Filipino organizations in Abu Dhabi, the IIEE Abu Dhabi and PSME Abu Dhabi represented by its presidents, signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to establish a collaborative enhancement program for both parties. It was witnessed by representatives of both groups, wherein formalities were held at the Brixton Media in the capital.

The context of the MOU emphasizes the purpose to maintain strong support for every collaborative activity in dealing with finances, manpower and equipment. With the enhancement program set by both professional organizations, it will also promote its advocacies, build strong camaraderie and fellowship among members.


(From left) Engr Guillermo C Medina Jr., 2023 President PSME Abu Dhabi Chapter and Engr Renante M Moral, 2023 President IIEE Abu Dhabi Chapter sign Memorandum of Agreement on March 25, 2023 at Brixton Media, Abu Dhabi.


‘’In the industry, mechanical and electrical aspects are interrelated in such a way that both are essentials to produce energy. We came to an analogy that our organizations can work together to build a symbiotic relationship by joining hand in hand in different endeavours, in technical seminars, sports events and community volunteerisms’’, pointed out PSME Abu Dhabi President Engr. Medina Jr in an interview.

(From left) Engr Jaime B Reyes III – 2023 Vice President for Internal Affairs of PSME Abu Dhabi and Engr Robert Andrew Delos Reyes 2023Vice President for External Affairs, IIEE Abu Dhabi Chapter


IIEE Abu Dhabi President Engr. Renante Moral added that in the aspect of technicalities the mechanical system produces electricity and when both function properly an energy is produced.

‘’Our collaboration is being compared to this function, so that the endeavours of both organizations will result to a well- enhanced programs and a strong camaraderie, Moral quoted.

The short program concluded with photo opportunities with few officers from both organizations.

Photos here: https://www.facebook.com/lpjdames/posts/pfbid0yTngq1BbL44pP6MzD1Hi2bnmbntEic2ZM4MjxPyG3BvrKn9Nx5Um7VKg7NjyLe4gl?notif_id=1679765772706500&notif_t=feedback_reaction_generic&ref=notif


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